Aryo Danusiri is a video artist and ethnographer born in Jakarta in 1973. Danusiri’s works engage with issues of memory, violence and politics of the mundane. His film (Lukas’ Moment, 2005) on West-Papua everyday lives is dubbed as the first Indonesian observational cinema ever made. His single channel video “On Broadway” (2011) is about an underground mosque in downtown Manhattan was in Whitney Biennial 2014. His works have premiered at various festivals, including Rotterdam, Amnesty Amsterdam, Mead Festival and Yamagata “New Asia Current.” His first feature length documentary, Playing Between Elephants was awarded “Movies That Matters for Best Human Rights Film” at Jakarta International Film Festival 2007 and “Best Documentary” at Brussels Independent IFF. His video installations have joined group exhibitions at various galleries, including HKW Berlin, Camera Austria, Ethnographic Terminalia and Cemeti Indonesia. DER (USA and Monash University (Australia) have been distributing his videos. He is a Fulbright award recipient to study at Harvard to pursue doctoral degree in Media Anthropology and Critical Media Practice. He has been a fellow at Harvard Film Study Center since 2010 as artistic research is his long-pursued passion. In 2005, he received a master degree in Visual Cultural Studies from Tromso University, Norway.



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