EXHIBITION | Camera Austria | 2012

The exhibition “the Urban Cultures of Global Prayers”, initiated by metroZones, Berlin, has been focusing on new communities of faith in different local contexts since early 2010. Here the central perspective of the project is the city and the interplay of the new religious practices with local living conditions and global social tendencies. Which influence do religious rituals have on the spatial organisation of large, highly dynamic major cities like Lagos, Mumbai, Jakarta, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, but also Berlin? And how do different religious movements appropriate the cities as a stage, which shifts of meaning do they create? The superordinate research project “Global Prayers” is set up as an interdisciplinary research project, which places a high value on social sciences and geographical approaches, but also and especially on artistic and documentary forms of production. In addition to a series of books and numerous events, two exhibitions at the Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst in Berlin and at Camera Austria Graz therefore also belong to the project’s forms of publication.
With “the Urban Cultures of Global Prayers”, Camera Austria is tying into explorative issues that were already negotiated through exhibition projects and the magazine Camera Austria International last year: into the two-part project “Communitas” on questions of community, on inclusions and exclusions, on current identity politics or the questions of the political instrumentalisation of cultural identity; but also into issues of the “documentary as political practice” from Camera Austria International No. 114, with these latter issues understanding the image as being drawn into contradictory regimes of representation and persistently challenging its authentication.

an artistic research exhibition

more description about the group exhibition:



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